MOLPLUS to Invest in Pangaea Ventures Impact Fund


TOKYO—MOL PLUS (Representative: Takuya Sakamoto; Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) today announced a commitment to the Pangaea Ventures Impact Fund (Note 1).


Pangaea Ventures is a fund that specializes in the sustainability and ESG, investing in startup companies solving the world’s most fundamental challenges (climate change, decarbonization, renewable energy, food, water, and health) with breakthrough hardtech based technologies.


With this investment in Pangaea Ventures, MOL PLUS will continually work to generate synergistic effects based on startup companies’ innovative ideas and technologies and the MOL Group’s resources through investment in and collaboration with startups, aiming to create new businesses PLUS new value for the ocean shipping industry and society.


(Note 1) Outline of Pangaea Ventures Impact Fund 

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(Note 2) Outline of Pangaea Ventures Ltd.

It globally invests in startups that “solve the world’s most fundamental issues” using breakthrough hardtech based technologies such as materials, chemistry, and biology. Since it was established in 2000, Pangaea Ventures has built a strong network with tech startups, especially in North America and Europe.

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