MOL PLUS Boosts Investment in Metro Weather, Solution Provider for Wind Condition Measurement /Forecasting

~ Contributing to Realizing Social Implementation of a Solution

for Wind Condition Measurement /Forecasting ~

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TOKYO—MOL PLUS (Representative: Takuya Sakamoto; Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) today announced its intent to invest an additional fund in Metro Weather Co., Ltd. (CEO: Junichi Furumoto; Headquarters: Uji-shi, Kyoto) (Note1), a startup company that develops and sells the three-dimensional wind measurement device (Doppler lidar (Note2)) and provides data.


With the vision “Controlling the wind, and realizing the safer skies,” Metro Weather aims to assist problem-solving in various industries and drone society by providing a wind condition measurement solution with a compact, lightweight, low-price Doppler lidar as an essential infrastructure.


Anticipating that Metro Weather’s efforts will contribute to the value of a wide range of industries, MOL PLUS decided to increase its stake in the company following the initial investment in March 2022. With the additional investment, it will contribute to Metro Weather’s ongoing social implementation of wind condition measurement solutions.


Three-dimensional Wind condition forecasting is an important solution for maritime businesses involved in shipping, port operations, and so on. In collaboration with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), MOL PLUS will promote the social implementation of wind condition measurement solutions in the shipping industry by using the Doppler lidar in the “Wind Hunter Project” (Note 3).


MOL PLUS continually works to generate synergetic effects based on startup companies’ innovative ideas and technologies and the MOL Group’s resources through investment in and collaboration with startups, aiming to create new businesses PLUS new value to the ocean shipping industry and society.


<Outline of Metro Weather>

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(Note 1) For details of the first investment, please refer to the April 11, 2022, MOL PLUS press release: “MOL PLUS to Invest in Metro Weather ~Realizing Social Implementation of a Solution for Wind Condition Observation/Forecasting~.


(Note 2) An atmospheric measurement device that can observe wind conditions by receiving and analyzing reflected light from wind-driven atmospheric dust and particulates using an infrared laser. It visualizes and determines conditions in real time and in three dimensions, including wind gusts and turbulence, which is essential information for drones and flying vehicles to operate, take off and land safely and securely.

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Doppler lidar (from Metro Weather website)



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