MOL PLUS ~ 2nd Foundation Day ~

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We are proud to say that today (26th Apr) marks the 2nd anniversary of founding.


MOL PLUS has decided on a total of 13 investments (as of April 2023).

(10 investments in Start-up companies and 3 limited partner investments in venture capital funds)


MOL PLUS support Start-ups after the investment, from the perspective of the growth of Start-ups with long-term eye.


In 2022, MOL PLUS has set "Global Expansion" as a milestone and has implemented measures to realize "PLUS New Value to the Ocean Shipping Industry and Society" around the world, including the execution of global investments and the opening of the London/Singapore Desk.

In 2023, we will further expand our team members and, together with those in other industries, further accelerate our efforts to "PLUS New Value to the Ocean Shipping Industry and Society"!!


We appreciate the support from all relevant parties and continue our efforts to create new businesses!!